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Transfer policy

Transfer of Credits or Courses from other Institutions

Nursing Program policy:

Advance standing will not be granted to an applicant who has withdrawn from other nursing programs.

Medical Assistant, Dental Assistant, and Computer Networking Technology Program Policy:

Advanced placement and transfer of credit is discussed in the curriculum framework,

SMSAH School Catalog and course syllabi, and is done on an individual basis by the Program

Director based on a review of evidence of prior education and training. Students must submit official transcripts, course syllabi and certificates of program completion to the Program Director for consideration of the transfer of credit. The Program Director will determine credit for experiential learning on an individual basis. All official transcripts and certificates must be forwarded to the Admission Office before the start of the program.

Transfer of Credits or Courses within the School

Students wishing to transfer from one program to another within the school may do so only if they are in good standing in their current program.  Any student dismissed for academic progress cannot transfer to another program within the school.

Transferability of Credit to other Institutions

Saint Michael School of Allied does not imply, promise or guarantee transferability of its credits or courses to any other institution. The fact that a school is licensed and accredited is not necessarily an indication that another school will accept courses taken or credit earned at that school.


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SMSAH requires all students to adhere to the following class and clinical attendance guidelines strictly.

  • Ninety percent [90%] attendance is required for all classroom time and ninety- five [95%] of clinical time. Any missed classroom and clinical time, excused or unexcused, will be included in the allowed time of 10% for classroom and 5% for clinical. If a student misses more than 10% of any given course, the student will be required to repeat the course.
  • Students will arrive on time for classes and clinical site and be there for the entire length of the session as stated in the course or clinical schedule. Students must be at the designated place and unit at the clinical site five minutes to the beginning of the assignments. Students must remain on the units for the entire clinical time. Students will not leave for the day until all assignments and documentation are completed and the instructor dismisses them.
  • Missing more than 10% of class time will affect the student’s grade, and excessive absence or tardiness may result in the student’s inability to complete the program. Missing more than 5% of the clinical time in any area will require clinical makeup.
  • Examinations, quizzes, and return demonstration of clinical practicum missed due to absence or tardiness will not be made up.  Exceptions will be made for illness or emergency that is officially documented.
  • Tardiness or Absence: If a student must be tardy or absent, these procedures must be followed.
  • The student must inform the Saint Michael School of Allied Health Office, the instructor, and the clinical facility no later than one hour to the beginning of the scheduled class or clinical.
  • The student must arrange for a make-up clinical time, examination, quiz, and assignment with the instructor within one week of absence. This make
  • If a student is 15 minutes tardy to the clinical site, the student may be sent home and be given an absence for that day. A second tardy to the clinical site will be referred to the program administrator for appropriate action.



Instructors shall be responsible for maintaining attendance records during classroom sessions and clinical experiences. At the beginning of each class session, the instructor will allocate a few minutes at a specific time for the students to sign in on the attendance record or conduct a roll call. Before the end of each class session, the instructor will again allocate a few minutes at a specific time for the students to sign out on the attendance record or conduct a roll call. The instructor must ensure that the attendance record sheets are turned in daily to the administration. A student is considered absent if the sign-in or sign-out attendance record sheets are not signed, or the roll call sheet is not checked.


At the beginning of each clinical session, the instructor will record the attendance of the students and again at the end of the clinical session. The clinical instructor must ensure that the attendance record sheets are turned over to the administration as early as possible. A student is considered absent if either of the sign-in or sign-out attendance record sheets are not signed. Clinical absences must be reported daily to the school administration as they occur.


The attendance record for each student will be audited at the end of each course to determine if this requirement has been met or not. The attendance record is also used for tuition audit. Any student who does not meet this requirement will receive an “F” grade for that course regardless of the actual grade score and will be required to repeat the course. *IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STUDENT TO SELF-AUDIT THEIR ATTENDANCE ON A CONTINUING BASIS.


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  • The National Council Licensure Examination for Licensed Practical Nurses [NCLEX-PN] is administered locally by the NCLEX throughout the year.
  • Students certified by Saint Michael School of Allied Health for the licensure examination must submit an application for licensure with their official transcript to the Virginia, District of Columbia or Maryland Boards of Nursing.
  • Students must present SMSAH Board of nursing certification to sit for NCLEX within 90 days, failure to do so will require a recertification.
  •  Students must retake and pass Comprehensive Exit Exam, including clinical skills evaluation to be recertified after the expiration of the initial certification.
  •  Students are again reminded that official transcripts will only be issued when all academic and financial requirements are met.
  • Students must also register and pay for the NCLEX examination with Pearson VUE.
  •   Remember to use the school’s program name and code number in the application form.


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  • Eligibility for graduation requires that all students complete all course requirements and maintain a passing mark of 76%. The student must also fulfill all academic and financial requirements.
  • Complete Virtual ATI NCLEX-PN Review before taking Comprehensive Exit Exam.
  • Sit for a Comprehensive Exit Exam and earn a passing score of 76% on ATI or 900 composite scores on HESI exam. Other standardized tests may also be used by SMSAH’s Examination policy, and students will be informed the passing sore before the exam.


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The next morning class will start on January 8, 2018. Classes will be held Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Pre-admission exam will begin in the first week of September 2017.

Applicant must pass pre-admission tests with a minimum of 70% on Math and 76% on English Comprehension.  Pre-admission tests are held every day on the school premises at 9 am by appointment only.

Duration of the examination is two hours. The applicant must present a valid photo ID and non-refundable $60.00 money order only payable to Saint Michael School of Allied Health.

Admission Assessment Recommended Book:
Evolve Reach Admission Assessment Exam Review by Hesi, 3rd Edition
Publication Date: 2013| ISBN-978-1-4557-0333-3 | Edition: 3
This book contains a content review and over 400 sample test questions, this study guide helps you prepare for the Evolve Reach Testing and Remediation Admission Assessment Exam. It includes detailed coverage of each of the subject areas on the exam: math, English, and basic sciences. Topics are simplified with step-by-step explanations, vocabulary, and practice problems with rationales.
HESI Hints highlight important concepts and test-taking suggestions.
Review questions help you assess your understanding.
Chapter introductions emphasize the most important content.

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