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Acceptance  of Credits or Courses  from other Institutions

Nursing Program policy:

Advance standing  will not be  granted to an applicant who has withdrawn from other nursing programs.

Medical Assistant, Dental Assistant ,Pharmacy Technician, Computer Networking Technology

and Medical Insurance Billing  Program Policy:

Advanced placement and/or transfer of credit is discussed in the curriculum framework,

SMSAH School Catalog and course syllabi, and is done on an individual basis by the Program

Director based on a review of evidence of prior education and training. Students must

submit official transcripts, course syllabi and certificates of program completion to the Program Director  for consideration of transfer of credit. Credit for experiential learning will be determined by the Program Director on an individual basis. All official transcripts and certificates must be forwarded to the Admission Office prior to the start of the program.

Transfer of Credits or Courses within the School

Students wishing to transfer from one program to another within the school may do so only if they are in good standing in their current program.  Any student dismissed for academic progress cannot transfer to another program within the school.

Transferability of Credit to other Institutions

Saint Michael  School of Allied  does not imply, promise or guarantee transferability of its credits or courses  to any other institution. The fact that a school is licensed and accredited is not necessary an indication that courses taken or credit earned at that school will be accepted by another school.

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