Admission Procedure / Requirements


Application forms can be obtained at Saint Michael School of Allied Health located at 1106 Bladensburg Road, N.E., Washington, DC 20002-2512

Applicants will be considered for admission to Saint Michael School of Allied Health Programs after successfully completing the following requirements.

• Submit completed application form and payment of application fee.

• Provide an official, translated high school transcript from an accredited high school or GED.

• Obtain a minimum score of 75% on Reading Comprehension and 70% on Math.

• Once the entrance exam is passed, an application for admission to the Practical Nursing Program can be obtained.

• A student may repeat the section of the entrance exam he/she fails , the exam may only be repeated once.

• Submit proof of high school education: diploma, transcript, or GED or attestation of having a high school diploma or GED.

• CPR Certification: Current certification is required for all clinical courses. Information for courses is available at the American Heart Association [AHA]. It is the student’s responsibility to keep the certification current.

• Documentation of Health Requirements: Students must provide evidence of having received immunization for Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Diphtheria, Tetanus (within 10 yrs), and Hepatitis B series [or sign a waiver of declination for the Hepatitis B immunization]. The student must also have proof of a negative tuberculin skin test (within 1 yr) or chest x-ray. A Student with a positive PPD must have a chest x-ray, or a statement from their physician that they are free from symptoms of TB, annually. These records must be on file within the first two weeks of classes; it is the student’s responsibility to keep this information current.

• Insurance requirements: Health Insurance is strongly recommended. Saint Michael School of Allied Health assumes no responsibility for any injuries and/or illnesses incurred while performing duties as a student nurse.  Professional Liability Insurance is provided for nursing students by Saint Michael School of Allied Health while performing duties on behalf of or under the direction of SMSAH.

• Submit two personal references from previous teachers or employers.

• Interview with the Program Director and/or the school representative.

• Drug Screen must be done prior to beginning Clinical Courses.

• Students must abide by the drug screen policies of each Clinical agency in which a student is assigned for clinical practicum.

• Saint Michael School of Allied Health maintains a drug free environment.

• Criminal background checks are required of all students prior to beginning Clinical Courses.

• If a student is prohibited from participating in a clinical rotation based on their criminal background screening, the school will make every effort to place the student in a comparable clinical setting. If the school is unable to facilitate this placement, the student will be dismissed from the nursing program due to their inability to progress.

• Students may be denied access to clinical facilities based on offenses appearing on the criminal record which may have occurred more than seven years ago.

• Students should also know that having a criminal background may hinder future employment opportunities in health care facilities or home care.