Registration / Orientation

Applications and documents submitted by applicants for admissions process remain the property of SMSAH and will not be returned whether or not the applicants are admitted.


Registration and Orientation activities are held during the first week of each newly admitted class.

Registration Procedure:

  •  Complete all paperwork required for student’s record at the admissions office.
  • Complete and obtain financial clearance from the accounting office.
  • Attend Orientation Class


  • Application forms can be obtained at St Michael School of Allied Health located at 1106 Bladensburg Road, N.E, Washington, D.C 20002-2512. Applicants will be considered for admission to St Michael School of Allied Health Nursing Program after successfully completing the following requirements.
  • Submit completed application form and payment of application fee.
  • Obtain a passing score on the aptitude test. Test fee will be collected prior to taking the aptitude test.
  • Submit proof of high school education, or its equivalant (GED)
  • Must be 17 years old
  •  CPR Certification: Current certification is required for all clinical courses. Information for courses is available at the American Heart Association [AHA]. It is the students responsibility to keep the certification current.
  • Documentation of Health Requirements: Student must provide evidence of having received immunization for Rubella, Tetanus, Hepatitis B series [or sign a waiver of decline for Hepatitis B immunization]. The student must also have proof of a negative tuberculin skin test or chest x-ray. These records must be on file within the first two weeks of classes and its the students responsibility to keep this information current.
  • Insurance Requirements: Health Insurance is strongly recommended. St Michael School of Allied Health assume no responsibility for any injuries and/or illnesses incurred while performing duties as a student nurse. Malpractice Insurance is provided for nursing students by Comprehensive Health Academy while performing duties on behalf of or under the direction of SMSAH.
  • Submit two personal references from previous teachers or employers.
  •  Personal interview with the Director of Nursing and Financial Advisor.
  • Visa Requirements: International Students are required to show proof of an I-20 and permanent residents to show proof of alien registration number [green card].
  • Drug Screen to be done first week of classes. St Michael School of Allied Health maintains a drug free environment.
  • Criminal background checks are required of all students prior to beginning of classes.