Evaluation and Testing Policy


The grade “I” may be assigned by an instructor after consulting with the program administrator if a student work in a course has been of passing quality but is incomplete for reasons beyond the student’s control. In this situation, there must be an official documentation of the cause of which may include: a major illness, death of a close family member or a major catastrophe. A course graded “I” may not be included in calculation of pass mark an dwill not appear on the transcript. The grade “I” can be changed to the earned grade provided the course work is completed not later than 30 days after the course is completed. If after 30 days the course work is not completed, the grade “I” will be changed to “F”.


Examination must be taken at the scheduled times. In the event of an excused absence resulting from illness or death of a close family member, the make up examination must be taken within one week after the absence. Quizzes are given at the start, during or at the close of class. Students must be on time and be there to take quizzes. There are no make up quizzes for students who are late.


It is the policy of St Michael School of Allied Health that formal evaluation processes be recognized as opportunities for the students to grow and develop, this provides a reward-challenge motivating factor in the acquisition of knowledge.

Student performance shall be evaluated by faculty using a variety of methods based on the philosophy, conceptual framework, program and course objectives, and pertinent professional standards and guidelines of the educational program. Faculty members shall use both formative and summative evaluation methods.