• Students of Saint Michael School of Allied Health will be issued a picture ID during the clinical phase of the      program. This ID card must be on the student’s uniform while in the      clinical site.
  • Students will be identified with      their driver’s license or other form of identification they normally use.


Saint Michael School of Allied Health official uniform shall consist of:

  • FEMALE- white, plain, tailored, cotton-blend uniform [no lace, ruffles, embroidery, or culottes] dress or tunic-top pantsuit with the SMSAH crest patch sewn on the left sleeve two inches below the shoulder seam: white hose and shoes.
  • MALE- white cotton-blend tunic type      uniform [no scrubs] with SMSAH crest patch sewn on left sleeve two inches      below the shoulder seam; white socks and shoes.
  • SHOES – must be white and      comfortable; all white, leather tennis shoes are acceptable, as are the      traditional oxford or loafer.
  • Navy blue or white cardigan sweater      [optional] is acceptable.
  • Student ID is required to be worn      with uniforms.
  • Miscellaneous items:
    • Plain white lab coat with SMSAH crest       patch sewn on the left sleeve two inches below the shoulder seam
    • Bandage scissors
    • Watch with second hand
    • Pen [black ink]
    • Stethoscope
    • Small pocket calculator [optional]

General guidelines for uniform policy:

  • Jewelry should be limited to very      small gold or pearl post-type earrings and wedding bands.
  • Shoes and uniforms must be neat and      clean at all times.
  • Dress uniform length should be no      shorter than knee length.
  • Hair must be constrained and groomed      in accordance with the policy of the clinical agency and/or site.
  • Complete nursing uniforms are to be worn      at the clinical site and laboratory unless otherwise instructed.
  • A student inappropriately dressed may      be asked to leave the clinical area and this will be considered an      unexcused clinical absence.
  • Student uniforms are only to be worn      when students are functioning under the auspices of Saint Michael School      of Allied Health practical nursing program.


  • Clinicals will be scheduled with      consideration to facility and staff availability.
  • Clinical experiences may be scheduled      on weekends or evenings for students to meet the required clinical hours.
  • Students are expected to provide      their own transportation to and from clinical sites.


  • Students in the health care      professions are at increased risk of exposure to communicable diseases and      should review their immunization status. The health status of a health      care worker not only affects his or her own performance but also the      quality of patient care they give. It is the duty of students to report      any temporary or ongoing health concerns that may affect their      performance.
  • A student under the care of a      physician must have a medical clearance from the attending physician      before returning to class and/or clinical rotation. This statement of      clearance from the physician must be presented to the faculty student      coordinator before the student will be allowed to return to classes and/or      clinical rotation [Physical examinations are required yearly].
  • Students must provide evidence of      having received immunizations for Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Diphtheria,      Tetanus (within 10 yrs), Hepatitis B series [or have a signed waiver of      decline for hepatitis B vaccine]. The student must also have proof of      negative tuberculin skin test or chest x-ray. These records must be      current during clinical courses. [Tb/PPD tests are require yearly. A      Student with a positive PPD must have a chest x-ray, or a statement from      their physician, that they are free from symptoms of TB, annually]
  • Students CPR certification must be      from AHA and be current during clinical courses.
  • Health and Malpractice Insurance:      Students are highly encouraged to carry their own health insurance      coverage during the program. Saint Michael School of Allied Health assumes      no responsibility for any injuries and/or illness incurred while      performing duties as a student nurse. Malpractice insurance is provided      for nursing students by SMSAH while performing duties on behalf of or      under the direction of SMSAH. Students are responsible for making their      health file information current. A student may be excluded from clinical      if this information is not current.


Saint Michael School of Allied Health students, faculty and staff members will follow the school closing policy of the District of Columbia Public School System; however, if the D.C. schools are on delayed schedule, SMSAH will open at the regularly scheduled time. If inclement weather occurs late in the day, students should check with the SMSAH office for advice.