Practical Nursing Program Course Description

Saint Michael School of Allied Health offers a Practical Nursing Program consisting of 1604 hours of theory and clinical practicum.  The length of the program is 14 months during the day and divided into two levels.  Upon completion of all the requirements, the student will be eligible to take the licensure examination [NCLEX-PN].


The mission of   the  Practical Nursing Program is to provide entry level nursing education to men and women from diverse backgrounds and cultures.  Upon completion of the practical nursing program, the community and Washington D.C. metro area will be provided with graduate practical nurses who are competent, qualified, dedicated and caring to practice nursing in this culturally diverse and constantly changing population and environment.


Upon completion of the practical nursing program, the graduate is able to:

  • Apply the nursing process holistically to assist in meeting the self care needs of client’s in all age groups.
  • Use appropriate knowledge and skills, abilities, and available resources in a practice environment to provide safe and competent care.
  • Collaborate and communicate effectively with clients, their family members, and the health care team.
  • Demonstrate accountability for self and other health care team members through evaluation of the quality of care delivered and client health outcomes based upon the established standards within the scope of practical nursing.
  • Develop a personal code of behavior based upon the principles of professional development and the promotion of nursing as a lifelong endeavor.


  • Seventy percent of students who enter the nursing sequence will complete the program.
  • Graduates will pass the NCLEX-PN on their first attempt at a rate equal to or greater than the National NCLEX-PN pass rate for first time candidates.
  • Eighty percent of new graduates who are available for employment will be employed as PNs within one year of graduation.
  • An overall rating of eighty-five percent will be achieved on the graduate satisfaction survey.